Breaking News: Historic Archaeological Discovery on Church Property

“Momentous excavation”

– Rudolph Foundation representative

Last week it was reported that an important artefact was uncovered during a dig at the Concordia Lutheran Church site in Duncraig.

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Chief Archaeological Digger Wilf Heinz made the discovery last week. After an initial analysis the object is described as the long lost sandal of boy wonder Vincent, born in the 21st century. The discovery to be soon presented at a special ceremony.

Responding to the exciting news, the Manager of the Rudolph Foundation, acting as the curator of the Rudolph collection, exclaims this is “Fantastic!!! We are excited to be part of this discovery of the century. The renown Rudolph Foundation is very pleased that you will make your finding available to us for use and display and excitedly awaits delivery!”

In other news, the sandpit outside the creche is finished.

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