Weekly Giving and Appeals

Give your gift from the heart. Matt 6:2 to 4. There are many ways of making  your giving that will help in the ongoing work of His Church at Concordia.

You can make a direct deposit into Concordia Church bank account details BSB 704 942, A/c 10037 1442.

Weekly giving can also be given in the service   or at the Concordia Church Office during office hours.

Using the services of the Lutheran Layman’s League which offers banking facilities to members of the Lutheran Church:

Regular Electronic Giving REG can be setup by going to www.lca.org.au/REG or phoning 1800 556 457. The staff at Concordia Church Office can help you set up a REG account.It is also possible to make a bank transfer that goes into the Concordia Church account via the Lutheran Layman’s League LLL BSB 704-942 A/C 10037 1442.

The LCA often has appeals for the Australian Lutheran College ,natural disasters and refugee aid which can be found online.www.lca.org.au