What we are like


Our Lutheran Roots

Concordia’s membership is a mixture of people who were born into Lutheran families and those who were not.  All however recognise that Luther did the church of his time an amazing service by being prepared to stand on God’s Word, and its truths, and challenge error that had permeated the doctrines and traditions of the church of his day.  We would all trust that we would all have the courage to do the same in our own time.

A Body that is earnestly seeking to GROW

Using the Gifts of the Spirit
Some years ago, God opened our minds and hearts to the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  He has impressed His ministry upon us, and our people seek to express this in many ways. 
We encourage all of our people to discover their spiritual gift(s), to seek the constant infilling of the Holy Spirit, and to use these gifts in ministering to each other and then out in the world in a spontaneous manner. There is a high degree of “the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace”. We regard the harmony that pervades our fellowship as being vital in the life of the congregation.

A people of prayer
We want to make ‘prayer’ a part of everything we do as individuals, as a church family and as part of the wider Body of Christ in Perth. We still have much to learn!  But prayer is foundational for all that happens within our congregation. Frequently people can be seen praying for each other in the church, in the car park, and wherever one becomes aware of a need of another. We consciously foster an atmosphere of mutual care and love.

Fast, Pray, Give
Regarding the threefold chord of fasting, praying and giving, we are learning and wanting to go deeper in all aspects of discipleship.

Committed to the Word
We are learning so much about God’s Word, the more we take in the hungrier we are becoming. A love for God’s Word is central to Concordia