Our History

History of Concordia

The congregation was formed in 1980 by a number of wonderful people who worked hard to establish a new church in the rapidly growing Northern Suburbs – aided greatly by the WA District of the Lutheran Church. After meeting in a school for four years, and after indefatigable efforts by that early group – funds were raised and the present building was erected in 1985

A number of those people are still part of our Congregation and they have seen (and sometimes endured!) a lot of change, as we have been changed from being a family where the Pastor had to do almost everything, to being a family where that load is shared!

In the beginning, we were a pretty ‘normal’ Lutheran church of the time, but with a more modern building! We used hymn books and sung liturgy was part of the worship service. At that time the Pastor (Pastor Schultz) was always clothed in formal robes . . . and services were somewhat formal – and were always completed in the due time – 1 hour. We only had the church building so the ‘Sunday School’ took place after the service in the church.

Under Pastor Kevin Helbig – who served as our Pastor from 1985 to 2007, we came to learn about the gifts of the Spirit – and there was a genuine desire to seek more of these. It was the era of the Vineyard fellowships and a Spiritual awakening in the wider church. We continue to be a church seeking to be all that we should be in the power of the Holy Spirit

The Congregational Ministry Team was formed in 2001 so that the Leadership structure had a two-part focus – the administrative aspects of being a church (Church Council) and the ministry aspects (CMT).

With a new Constitution in 2007, Concordia Lutheran Church became an incorporated body as a not for profit organisation.

Pastor, Milo Velebir came to Concordia in 2007. Ps Milo has encouraged us to grow in our love of God’s Word and our love for those who don’t yet know the good news about Jesus. Ps Milo left Concordia in July 2017 to become a Naval Chaplain. We welcomed our current Ps Michael Rudolph and his family in January 2019.


In 2016 Concordia Lutheran Church hosted a successful Holy Spirit conference open to the Christian Churches. Congrgational members have attended Holy Spirit conferences in Toowoomba 2015 and Mt Barker 2016. A Holy spirit conference was held at Concordia in April 2017, recordings of the speakers can be found on the website.

We have a very vibrant Junior Church and Youth that have a heart for Jesus.We are hoping to have a paid part-time Youth Worker employed by the Church to work with others in Junior Church on Sunday and Youth on Friday nights.

Small Groups are encouraged and include those having a regular bible study, devotional/study, Young Adults, musicians for worship etc.
Large groupings include a craft group that meet on a Tuesday for craft activities and spiritual imput.

Concordia Church In 2019 established a Visual Lanquage Project with a grant from the Lutheran Church for the Anywaa people in the congregation and Anywaa people in Perth but also to the Anywaa people worldwide with a website to help them read their own lanquage.