Concordia’s Visual Gospel Project for the Anywaa People

The purpose is to develop a set of Biblical gospel-based materials in the Dha-Anywaa language. These materials will be published in various forms, booklets, DVDs and via a website, for distribution and sharing with the Anywaa people as an educational resource for a people-group who are keen to learn to read and develop their faith.

Who are the Anywaa?  The Anywaa people are a Christian minority tribe in Gambella which is a region crossing border of Ethiopia and South Sudan in Africa.

What are we doing?  Concordia will provide the supporting skills and finances required to develop and distribute the material. Obang Girma will be leading this project because he is one of the Anywaa people.  We will also be working with other Anywaa Christians in Perth to create the content of the materials.

The launch of this two year project was launched on Reformation Sunday and Longest Lutheran Lunch Sunday, 28th October, 2018. Check out the Website under construction to host the project.

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